Our Story

Sisset’s is a locally owned and operated small business in the heart of Gainesville, FL offering a fun twist on home and patio! Let us tell you a little more about us!
Sisset’s specializes in designer garden, home & patio accessories, fountains, birdbaths, indoor/outdoor rugs, patio furniture, mailbox covers and accessories, potted silk trees and flowers, statues, and much more home and patio decor.
As longtime friends and work associates, we bring a combined 70 years of retail sales experience. After many years of friendship dinners, get-togethers, and conversations about opening a new store, “The Team” finally brought all our ideas together and decided to go for it! The store name, Sisset’s, came from our owner Melissa Glikes who is known by her family as Sisset; a fun nickname that was given to her by her niece who could not say Melissa when she was young. After that, the name stuck! “The Team” all add a unique and fun twist to home and patio decorating and would love for you to visit Sisset’s today.